A Steampunk Celebration with The Time Machine (1960) and Frenchy and The Punk!


Sun, Mar 12, 2023    
2:00 pm-5:00 pm


Rosendale Theater
408 Main St, Rosendale, New York, 12472

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On New Year’s Eve, 1899, scientist H.George Wells (Rod Taylor) invites five of his best friends to dinner. After a discussion of the reality of a `Fourth Dimension, George gives them a demonstration of a model of a `Time Machine,’ he has built, a miniature prototype of the machine he hoped would take him some day into the future. A week later, at George’s instructions his friends are gathered again at his house; but George is late. When he finally shows up, he is disheveled, disoriented and hungry– and has a story that is beyond belief. George tells his friends that he did not find the Utopian society he so wished had developed. He mentions specifically a civilization several thousand years into the future which consists of the subterranean morlocks and the surface dwelling eloi, who on first glance lead a carefree life. Despite all these issues, love can still bloom over the spread of millennia. Directed by special effects maestro, George Pal.