420 Funk Mob (ft. Clip Payne of Parliament-Funkadelic) @ Colony


Fri, Jul 5, 2024    
8:00 pm


Colony Woodstock NY
22 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, New York

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“What began as a side trip for Parliament-Funkadelic’s Michael “Clip” Payne has evolved into one of the most versatile jam bands around, a Family Stone-meets-The-Dead vehicle that frees your mind — so that your ass, of course, can follow. That Clinton was there with them in City Winery’s intimate space, instead of on a grand stage outfitted with a mothership and assorted pyrotechnics, was a neat trick. It reminded people that all the outrageous costumes and joyous onstage jailbreaks way-back-when were built on some of the finest original funk this side of Sly Stone, Larry Graham and the Godfather of Soul. The 420 Funk Mob melds that sound with some Sixties psychedelia, a bit of Sun Ra “arkestration,” and even a little soft rock, performed by a revolving cast of former P-Funk members and masterful musician friends. Jam after jam, style after style, they sync up. One collective under a frequently hypnotic groove.


Doors 6pm | Show 8pm