Downtown Attractions

Downtown Kingston is bounded by the Rondout Creek and Hudson River which have shaped its history and now offers many opportunities for recreation. Boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, as well as taking cruises on the river are obvious activities but there are also parks, promenades, and walking paths along the waterfront for more land-based activities. The area is rich in history as well and a significant portion of Downtown has been designated as the ‘Rondout-West Strand Historic District’ and many of the building there have retained their mid-19th century characteristics. Museums like the New York Trolley Museum and the Hudson River Maritime museum are located there and offer their interesting perspectives of the history of the Kingston area. This area is the frequent location of major events and festivals like the annual Fourth of July celebration, Hooley Irish Festival, Italian Festival and others which, along with the natural appeal of the waterfront make this very vibrant part of the city.

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Downtown Rondout Waterfront District