Therapy/Support/Service Animals

Date(s) - 02/15/2020
11:30 am-1:30 pm

SUNY Ulster


This is for anyone considering or using a support/service animal. Learn
the differences and requirements of each type of animal. We will cover
required training, ADA laws, etiquette, licenses/registrations, and accessibility. Additionally, we will discuss the nationwide crackdown on purchasing registrations online and coming legislative initiatives to qualify
pets as service animals. Know the rules, before being stuck somewhere
with your animal and being told NO.
NCC 2160 S 2/15 & 22 11:30am-1pm SRC $40

Registration is required: Call 845-339-2025 or use this link,2160



This is just one of several classes that is part of our Animal Care Education offerings. We also offer:

Safe Pet Home Entry, Training the Canine Good Citizen, Pets Aging Gracefully, Business/Employment in Pet Care, Pet First Aid & CPR, All About Donkeys and Complementary/Alternative Modalities for Animals.


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