Montreal Main Screening at Green Kill with Director Frank Vitale

Date(s) - 04/28/2019
6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Green Kill


We are very pleased to announce that Frank Vitale will be on hand for the screening of his film classic Montreal Main (1974) at Green Kill on  Sunday, April 28 at 6 PM.  Frank will host a Q & A after the screen and also present a preview of Triptych, a new film in production which will be premiered at Rough Cut on Sunday, May 5 at 6 PM for a suggested contribution of 1-5 dollars . Seating is limited to 45. $8 at the door or on Soft drinks and snacks are available at Ozubar in the White Room.

About Triptych

Triptych is a lively and witty take on 3 kinds of love, when one loves another more, when one is loved more by another, and when we try to go for it mutually. What is a bit shocking is that all this passion goes on with people who are quite a bit older and should have figured all this out.  They haven’t.  All of them are pretty smart, accomplished but, it turns out, all of us are outliers in love.

Teaser: One successful writer, one eccentric Wall Streeter,  one feeling ex con turned businessman, a witty literary agent and a sensitive woman – all of a certain age and then some — try to figure out this thing called love.

About Montreal Main

Directed by  Frank Vitale.

Written by  Frank Vitale, Stephen Lack and Alan Moyle.

Starring Frank Vitale, Steven Lack, Allan Moyle, and John Sutherland.

Montreal Main is a film which clashes two very different worlds in a setting that is as realistic as the corner bar. Frank is the inarticulate, self-proclaimed artist; the faded tail of the youth comet of the sixties. Johnny is thirteen, just ready to emerge from the swaddlings of the suburbs. He is the innocence we look for in young girls and find only in young boys. They meet in a strange moment of mutual need only to be separated by all those forces which keep society neat, clean-cut and in its place.

But the film is more than a non affair that didn’t and couldn’t take place because Frank and Johnny bring with them the worlds from which they come. Their meeting is a spark that unmasks the thin veil of tolerance that covers our differences. Johnny’s father is a typical protective and ineffectual parent who can flirt with bohemia – a long as it stays out of the family. Frank’s world is the anarchistic, noisy, dirty, loose mob that we were all warned to stay away from when we were young. They are the neon crowd, the homosexuals, exhibitionists and gadflies who represent everything that the weekend groovies from the suburbs fear the most.

This is a film that deals with growing up in the seventies; not with the dewy eyed simplicities of right and wrong, nice and not nice but in the amoral, nasty world that the actual young must actually face.

About Green kill

Green Kill is a multiuser  performance space dedicated to the arts. It serves a growing diverse art community. Green Kill is an LLC in transition to become of 501c3. The objective is to build an institution for the arts which grows and creates opportunities  inclusive through the peer to peer involvement of talented visual and performing artists.

Green Kill is a handicapped accessible and located at 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, Green Kill is open Tuesday to Saturday from 3  pm to 9 pm, closed on national holidays. The phone number is 1(347)689-2323. Performance events schedule please visit t Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.


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