Magic The Gathering: Wednesday Night Draft

Date(s) - 07/11/2018
6:00 pm-9:00 pm

POW Card Games & Comics


Come out and join our weekly drafting session. A Magic The Gathering draft consists of players getting 3 packs to start. All players sit down around a table and crack their first pack. Each player will pick one card out of that pack and pass the rest to their left. A player will then get a pack handed to them from their right and will go through and pick another card. These packs will go around the table until all the cards are picked. Then the second of 3 packs will be cracked and passed in the opposite direction as the last pack, still with each player picking only one card out of it at a time. Once all the packs are cracked and each player has their picks, players will sit down and build a 40 card deck out of their pool. Community lands will be provided by the shop. That deck will be used to play in a swiss-style tournament and prizes will be given out to the top 2 – 3 players!  We’re drafting 3 pack of the newest set, Dominaria! Come out and have some fun with some great people and great games! The entry is $15 and all players of all skill and age are welcome!


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