Datura Road and Special Guest Cumulus

Date(s) - 12/07/2018
8:00 pm

Green Kill


Datura Road and our friends Cumulus invite you for an evening of exotic instruments and sounds. Japan, India, the Middle East, and more will be represented.

Datura Road

“A blending of Old World/Baroque-esque motifs with contemporary concepts in the chord patterns. The opposing styles come together and brandish a harmonious blend. Sonically, the listener is transported through time from the folkloric styles of the Medieval and Baroque eras to the jaunty rhythmic meters of modern times. There is not one particular genre that suits Datura Road. Their music stretches across the spectrum and across time.” – Jazz2Love Blog

“Datura Road has a world music sound that is uniquely engaging and passionately palatable, achieving the best energy that world music has to offer. Their self-titled debut album contains innovative, fervent and talented performances. Each tune is unexpectedly lyrical and vibrates with deep sentiments of Eastern and Western sounds and colors.” – Stephen Cosme, https://www.staccatofy.com/world/datura-road-review/


The harvesting of plant frequencies paired with two of the world’s most meditative musical instruments and traditions – Indian bansuri and Japanese koto. The result: an ambient world music fusion all its own, at once quickening yet meditative, ancient yet futuristic, transcendent yet worldly.


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